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Lifestyle and modern medicine are the two wings of a bird

Lifestyle modification and modern medicine are the two wings that make mind, body, and spirit glide effortlessly through life. Lifestyle modification, on the other hand, is very effective in cultivating wellness. Lifestyle transformation's preventing power is limitless. There are only benefits. There is no expense, complications, side effects, or disability.

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Welcome to IWSP 

Integrated Wellness Science and Practice (IWSP) is a professionally designed program that integrates cutting-edge modern scientific information coupled with ageless health practices in breath focus & other areas. It creates a practical holistic wellness module to transform your lifestyle, so that, you can live a disease-free life.

 You can Learn at your own pace. Anywhere! Anytime!



Learn from the accomplished Doctors with an in-depth understanding of the subject along with Scientific- Evidence based information's.


For every weeks, Health talks are going to happen on different topics


Learn at your own pace through our easy to navigate Responsive Website & Mobile App.


Get access to 24*7 Live Discussion group with facilitator and participants also.

Top Selling SPECIFIC Courses

From IWSP, we created some of the specific courses for the holistic wellness

HOlistic wellness course

Instructor: Dr. Susheel & Swami Dayadhipananda ji

Rating : ★★★★★

Price: ₹5,000 / -   2,500

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IWSP -  Yoga practice

Instructor: Mr. Bhupenra

Rating : ★★★★

Price: ₹1,500/-    1,000

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Healthy DIET

Instructor: Dr. Susheel K Sharma

Rating : ★★★★

Price: ₹1,500/-   1,000

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Download the IWSP App available on App Store and Google Playstore.

Top Instructors

We have two eminent peoples to speak about lifestyle modifications

Dr. Susheel K Sharma 

Board certified consultant Cardiologist
(Heart Specialist)

Swami Dayadhipananda

Medical Superintendent, Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Haridwar

Our testimonials

What our participants say about our lifestyle courses and how they benefitted from us

Participants from India

It’s a commendable effort by IWSP in conducting this beautiful program for the betterment of this entire World.

- Sharath,

Marketing Lead in Volvo Trucks India

Learner from the USA

“What appealed to me about this program was the integrated approach to work on not just your body, but your mind and soul.”

- Ritu Saluja

New Jersey

Learner from India

This program was packaged in a very different way and the scientific contents has been presented in a simple way such that it wants to make you certain changes in your life

Dr. Shweta Priyadarshini

Practicing Pediatric, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

Learner from India

My hearty congratulations to IWSP team for their selfless initiative to conceptualize the life transforming program for the benefit of the society

Dr. Subba Rao,

 Retired scientist

Learner from USA

By incorporating information I learnt from DASH program (Diet, Activity, Stress,
Habit) and regularly practicing Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation learnt from IWSP program, in my daily life, I have been able to reduce my diabetes medication by 50% in a matter of four months. My HbA1c number is now in the prediabetic range. I highly recommend this IWSP program to everyone.

Shaila Shankar

New jersey, USA

Learner from India

By attending this IWSP- Holistic Wellness course & practiced regularly, I have reduced my 4 kg of weight within 15 days and majorly the central obesity . 

I am really thankful to the IWSP team for giving the scientific way to modify lifestyle.

Mahadev Debnath

Belgaum, Karnataka


Lifestyle transformation's preventing power is limitless. There are only benefits. There is no expense, complications, side effects, or disability.

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